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Bilgin Refit

Bilgin Yachts does 90% of the build work inhouse, that gives a unique and qualified support to take on refits as it has already on hands the very experienced people and designers that created the boats.

Bilgin is well aware of the importance of captains and crew members. They assure that everything is done to make the captain and his crew feel at home. The project is assigned a crew service agent to take matters in hand such as housing, transportation, recreation and supplies.


A shipyard of your own…

Although we have extended our production facilities over the years, we have remained boutique in terms of meeting customer needs. We believe in their dreams and make them happen. We supply you with a shipyard of your own, where you can manage your dream yacht project yourself…And as we make our way through life, our dreams will also be subject to change. No matter how big the change you want, our dedicated team of experts will be at your service to make it happen.

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