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About Us


Bilgin Yachts -a SYBAss member- builds superyachts from 50 to 120 meters and has a well-recognized experience in the superyacht industry. As a successfully growing family business, Bilgin operates facilities covering more than 60,000sqm area in different places of Turkey. With headquarters located in the West Istanbul Marina, Bilgin has facilities comprising manufacturing areas, a state-of-the-art marine furniture factory, a comprehensive mechanic, hydraulic, stainless-steel and upholstery workshop, all of which work closely until a project is ready for launch. Currently in Yalova, the builder is able to accommodate five projects (two units of 85-120m yachts and three units of 50-65m yachts) and also hold the major plumbing and infrastructure projects. In Istanbul, the outfitting capacity is five projects (three units of 70-90m yachts and two units of 50-65m yachts) simultaneously. Once the hull and superstructure are ready in Yalova, Bilgin arranges the technical launch and brings the hulls to the main headquarters in Istanbul where outfitting teams such as electrical, piping, mechanical, interior and fairing & painting teams work closely for outfitting and finishing works until the project is ready for launch.

Thanks to the facilities with different areas of expertise, Bilgin develops, builds, modernizes, refits and maintains yachts. The shipyard currently employs over 500 highly skilled craftsmen operating in all the facilities which also include a marine stainless steel factory and a furniture factory. With a dedicated and experienced team, as well as third party collaborators, the shipyard has an added ability to conduct refit projects, after-sales and wintering services for megayachts. While handling all these works for our customers, Bilgin Yachts takes the concept of eco-friendliness and sustainability as priorities. From scratch of the projects until the launch, we care and support green factors. It is our common belief that as a shipyard we should also be there for the yacht owners while they are cruising around the world in comfort and safety.

The shipyard's goal is to be one of the prominent brands in the world while always being supportive towards the customers with a range of time-sensitive multitasking services. Bilgin Yachts is able to keep the standards and the value thanks to its young yet very well organized team, large facilities and trust in the quality. Bilgin Yachts offer their yacht owners the after-sales, yacht winterisation and maintenance services, while applying the Bilgin's spirit to older yachts through refit processes.


Bilgin Yachts is a boutique shipyard at the European side of Istanbul, building bespoke 50 to 120-meter luxury superyachts. It has been a family-run business for five generations since the early 1900s. Today Bilgin has 500+ highly-skilled craftsmen in its facilities. By 2022, the shipyard has more than 60,000sqm construction area located in four different places:

● Hull and superstructure construction facility in Yalova
● Outfitting and production facility in Kucukcekmece of Istanbul
● Bilgin luxury interior furniture production and stainless steel facility in Beylikduzu of Istanbul
● Headquarter and outfitting facility in West Istanbul Marina, Istanbul


Bilgin yachts is working on four projects lately: Bilgin 163, 243 and 263, 278. Designed in collaboration between Bilgin Design Team and the Unique Yacht Design, 50-meter Bilgin 163 is as trendy and spacious as her predecessors ex-Nerissa and ex-Lilium. Natural colors used in the living areas in combination with large windows and high-gloss materials in order to create contrast and to offer the feeling of autumn. With a six-cabin layout, the yacht is going to offer extensive living areas, 20 percent larger areas compared to 48m yachts by Bilgin.

On the other hand, the 74-meter project Bilgin 243 also has the signature of the Unique Yacht Design in her exterior areas and naval architecture. Thanks to her five six-deck layout, the superyacht will offer the yacht owner and their guests alternative living areas on deck. Besides a flybridge and extensive sunbathing areas, there will also be a lounge on the upper deck, a living room with a bar section on the bridge deck, and another living room with a 16-person dining table on the main deck. The owner will benefit from full privacy thanks to the large area devoted to the front part of the main deck.

The Bilgin 263 series, started with the splash of Tatiana, crowned the worldwide success of the shipyard. The second hull of 263 series -which is already sold- is planned to be launched in 2022. The third hull, the 80-meter Project Silence will offer 20% larger volume as well as various technical improvements, additional features for greater comfort and autonomy at sea. Built at Bilgin Yachts’ main facilities in Istanbul, the Project Silence (NB78) will be launched in 2023. One of the latest models of the shipyard is the 50m Bilgin 163 which will have more spacious living areas compared to 48m yachts of Bilgin. The first hull of two 50-meter yachts had her technical launch in March 2022 and will be delivered to her owner in 2023. Last but not least, the shipyard’s exciting big step is also for a 2,100 GT 85-meter yacht. The manufacturing process of this yacht has already started. All Bilgin yachts are built in compliance with IMO Tier III certification and ABS-class requirements, and are supposed to be the most environmentally friendly yachts in their own class.


Bilgin Yachts offer their yacht owners the after-sales, yacht winterisation and maintenance services, while applying the Bilgin's spirit to older yachts through refit processes. With a well-designed customer support strategy and care of quality, Bilgin Yachts approach to each refıt project meticulously. Refit design and operational steps are all organized by the Bilgin Yachts Design Team. Major refit process takes place in the shipyard’s new facility within the West Istanbul Marina. Owners and crew can easily arrive at the marina and check the refit processes themselves.


Values you can trust


Owning a boat is a lifetime journey, on which we become companions with our clients, staff, and suppliers. Companionship needs openness and honesty. And honesty is the core of the family values thatwe have preserved and carried into business.


Respect is a part of craftsmanship that we inherited from older generations. Together, led by a team of skilled managers, Bilgin prides itself on a workplace where everyone produces in harmony.


Bilgin means “wise” in Turkish language. In the light of this, Bilgin Yachts try to combine the wiseness of previous generations with the practicality of the youth. Believing in the power of knowledge, we hire professionals who use information to deliver excellence and good care of the knowledge.

Live Green, Save Green

Bilgin Yachts shipyard is a responsible member of the global community. We believe every human being has the responsibility to protect the world we are living on. So we, as the Bilgin team, contribute to human health and the environment at every stage of our production. Because it is the only way for a sustainable future.

Marine Furniture Factory
Marine Furniture Factory
The marine furniture production area is a high-end 5,000 sqm focused on manufacturing the highest quality cabinetry. This allows Bilgin Yachts to offer fully customized interiors to the yacht-owners.

Marine Stainless Steel Workshop
Marine Stainless Steel Workshop
The marine stainless steel and mechanical workshop is a fully-equipped area having 40 employees. The production range consists of stainless steel accessories, weather-tight and watertight doors, cranes, deck cranes, fair leads, bollards, deck railings as well as a variety of hydraulic gangways and systems.