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About Us

About Us

Bilgin Yachts, a distinguished member of SYBAss, specializes in crafting superyachts ranging from 50 to 120 meters, boasting extensive expertise in the superyacht industry. As a thriving family enterprise, Bilgin operates across various facilities spanning a total area exceeding 79,450 square meters strategically located throughout Turkey.

With headquarters located in the West Istanbul Marina, Bilgin has facilities comprising manufacturing areas, a state-of-the-art marine furniture factory, a comprehensive mechanic, hydraulic, stainless-steel and upholstery workshop, all of which work closely until a project is ready for launch. Presently, our facilities are distributed as follows: Yalova: 40,000 sqm, accommodating five projects, including major plumbing and infrastructure projects; Marina Main Facility: Over 10,000 sqm, supplemented by new hangars spanning 8,000 sqm, Kucuk Cekmece Area 7,000 sqm; Furniture Factory 9,500 sqm, and the outfitting area in Antalya 4,950 sqm. Currently in Yalova, the builder is able to accommodate five projects (two units of 85-120m yachts and three units of 50-65m yachts) and also hold the major plumbing and infrastructure projects. In Istanbul, the outfitting capacity is five projects (three units of 70-90m yachts and two units of 50-65m yachts) simultaneously. Once the hull and superstructure are ready in Yalova, Bilgin arranges the technical launch and brings the hulls to the main headquarters in Istanbul where outfitting teams such as electrical, piping, mechanical, interior and fairing & painting teams work closely for further outfitting and finishing works until the project is ready for launch.

Upon completion of hulls and superstructures in Yalova, we orchestrate technical launches and transport the hulls to our Istanbul headquarters. There, our outfitting teams, including electrical, piping, mechanical, interior, and fairing & painting teams, meticulously carry out further outfitting and finishing works until the project is ready for launch.

Employing over 750 highly skilled craftsmen across our facilities, we also operate a marine stainless steel factory and a furniture factory. With our dedicated team and third-party collaborators, we possess the capability to undertake refit projects, provide after-sales services, and offer wintering services for megayachts.

At Bilgin Yachts, we prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainability throughout our processes, ensuring that green factors are integrated from project inception to launch. Our ultimate objective is to emerge as a leading global brand while consistently delivering time-sensitive multitasking services to our valued customers.

With our youthful yet highly organized team, expansive facilities, and unwavering commitment to quality, we aim to maintain our standards and value. Our comprehensive range of services extends beyond initial yacht construction to encompass after-sales support, yacht winterization, and maintenance, including refit processes tailored to older yachts.


With over 700 highly-skilled craftspersons operating across our five facilities, Bilgin Yachts combines diverse areas of expertise to develop, build, modernize, refit, and maintain yachts. Our additional production facility at West Istanbul Marina, established in 2016, provides more space for refit projects, after-sales services, and wintering services for megayachts, complementing our robust building facilities.

Through these strategically located and specialized facilities, Bilgin Yachts maintains a recognized presence in the superyacht industry, delivering exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs that set new standards of luxury and performance.

Main Facilty, Headquarter
Main Facilty, Headquarter

Our headquarters and outfitting facility are located within the vibrant atmosphere of West Istanbul Marina, Istanbul, spanning 10,000 square meters. This includes newly added sheds covering 8,000 square meters, enhancing our capacity for meticulous craftsmanship and innovation. Here, we undertake outfitting for up to five projects simultaneously, including three units of 70 to 90-meter yachts and two units of 50 to 65-meter yachts. Our outfitting teams, comprising electrical, piping, mechanical, interior, and fairing & painting experts, work closely to ensure each project is completed to the highest standards.

Antalya Free Zone
Antalya Free Zone


Our facility in the Antalya Free Zone spans 4,950 square meters, providing dedicated services for outfitting, refits, after-sales care, and wintering facilities. This location supports comprehensive client services, ensuring that each yacht receives meticulous care and attention throughout its lifecycle. The facility was announced in the summer of 2023, coinciding with the launch of our new 42m Kaşif.



In Yalova, we operate a sprawling 40,000 square meter facility specializing in crafting hulls and superstructures. This facility can accommodate five projects simultaneously, including two units of 85 to 120-meter yachts and three units of 50 to 65-meter yachts. Major plumbing and infrastructure works are also handled here. Once the hull and superstructure are ready, we arrange a technical launch and transport them to our main headquarters in Istanbul for further outfitting and finishing.



Our state-of-the-art outfitting and production facility in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul, spans 7,000 square meters. This facility is where meticulous attention to detail brings our yachts to life, encompassing comprehensive outfitting processes and ensuring each vessel meets our exacting standards of quality and luxury.



The Furniture and Marine Stainless Steel facility in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, spans 9,500 square meters. Here, we specialize in crafting luxurious interiors and precision stainless steel components, elevating the onboard experience for our clients. This facility houses advanced manufacturing areas, a marine furniture factory, and workshops for mechanics, hydraulics, stainless steel, and upholstery.


Bilgin Yachts offer their yacht owners the after-sales, yacht winterisation and maintenance services, while applying the Bilgin's spirit to older yachts through refit processes. With a well-designed customer support strategy and care of quality, Bilgin Yachts approach to each refıt project meticulously. Refit design and operational steps are all organized by the Bilgin Yachts Design Team. Major refit process takes place in the shipyard’s new facility within the West Istanbul Marina. Owners and crew can easily arrive at the marina and check the refit processes themselves.


Values you can trust


Owning a boat is a lifetime journey, on which we become companions with our clients, staff, and suppliers. Companionship needs openness and honesty. And honesty is the core of the family values thatwe have preserved and carried into business.


Respect is a part of craftsmanship that we inherited from older generations. Together, led by a team of skilled managers, Bilgin prides itself on a workplace where everyone produces in harmony.


Bilgin means “wise” in Turkish language. In the light of this, Bilgin Yachts try to combine the wiseness of previous generations with the practicality of the youth. Believing in the power of knowledge, we hire professionals who use information to deliver excellence and good care of the knowledge.

Live Green, Save Green

Bilgin Yachts shipyard is a responsible member of the global community. We believe every human being has the responsibility to protect the world we are living on. So we, as the Bilgin team, contribute to human health and the environment at every stage of our production. Because it is the only way for a sustainable future.