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Bilgin Yachts Celebrates Recent Sale of 52M Bilgin 170 Luxury Yacht

Istanbul, Turkiye- 9th  November, 2023

Bilgin Yachts is delighted to announce the recent sale of a 52-meter yacht, marking another success for the Bilgin 170 model. This exceptional 52-meter vessel is the result of a collaborative effort between renowned exterior designer Emrecan Özgün of Unique Yacht Design and esteemed interior designer Hot Lab from Italy.

The Bilgin 170 redefines luxury yachting, seamlessly blending innovative design with remarkable craftsmanship. İsmail Şengün, CEO at Bilgin Yachts, praises the innovation: “Unique Yacht Design’s approach and Hot Lab’s interior design have resulted in a vessel exuding sportiness and elegance, elevating the yacht experience to new heights.” Boasting a sleek and modern design, the Bilgin 170 sets itself apart from its 50-meter predecessors. The addition of an elongated bridge deck aft, extending by one and a half meters, amplifies the living space, offering customers a spacious and inviting shaded area to unwind and savor their sailing journey.