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Leona's Video Shooting and Countdown to Debut at 2023 Monaco Yacht Show!

Istanbul, September 2023

Step aboard the epitome of luxury and innovation as Bilgin Yachts proudly unveils the masterpiece that is Leona – the second gem in their remarkable 80-meter Bilgin 263 series. After the resounding success of the first unit, Tatiana, Leona emerges as a bold interpretation of elegance and exclusivity, setting the stage for a new era of superyacht opulence. With its striking red and white exterior, Leona is poised to capture the imagination of the superyacht industry.

The stage is set for this stunning vessel to make her mark as the pinnacle of nautical engineering and design. As the successor to Tatiana, Leona boasts a seamless blend of comfort and performance, showcasing the COMF+ (Y) notation in both quality and achievement. The meticulous attention to detail is evident not only in the spacious interiors but also in the harmonious balance of her engineering prowess. This extraordinary vessel, built in collaboration with Antalya-based Unique Yacht Design for naval architecture and exterior design, along with H2 Yacht Design for interior living spaces, is poised to redefine luxury and style in the superyacht world.

Leona's enchanting design is not merely limited to its exterior allure; the interior spaces are a masterpiece in their own right. With a layout tailored to the owner's desires, Leona exudes personalized elegance and offers an array of lavish selections. As you step onto the lower deck, the extraordinary beach club layout remains, embellished with Greek statues, a mesmerizing blue-tiled swimming pool, and a fiber optic ceiling that mirrors a starlit sky. The main saloon presents a striking feature: a captivating tiger onyx island fireplace, dividing the lounge and formal dining areas, all adorned with impressive finishings.

As the Bilgin 263 series continues to set new benchmarks for eco-friendliness and performance, Leona takes the helm in ushering in a new era of luxury and sustainability. With its pristine air emissions, spacious living areas, and remarkable range, the Bilgin 263 series isn't just a yacht – it's a testament to Bilgin Yachts' unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence. As the countdown ticks away, the stage is set for Leona to grace the world's premier yachting event, the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show, leaving a trail of awe and admiration in her wake.


Hull configuration: Displacement
Hull material: Steel
S/Structure material: Aluminum
LOA: 80.00m
LWL at full load: 71.01m
B.max: 12.25m
Draught at full load: 3.50m (approx.)
Displacement at full load: 1,510t
Gross tonnage: 1,755gt
Fuel capacity : 168,000lt
Water capacity: 48,000lt
Main engines : MTU 16V 4000M73
Engines power: 2x2.560 kW @ 1,970 RPM
Maximum speed: 19 knots
Cruising speed: 15 knots
Range at economical speed at half load: @6,000+ miles
Exterior Design: Unique Yacht Design
Naval Architect: Unique Yacht Design
Interior Design: H2 Yacht Design
Builder: Bilgin Yachts