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Istanbul, Turkiye - April 2023 - Bilgin Yachts is thrilled to announce the successful sale of the second unit of the 50-meter Bilgin 163 series, a 50-meter superyacht renowned for its elegant design and outstanding performance. The sale was facilitated through a collaboration between FGI Yacht Group, with Frank Grzeszczak Jr., Vice President & Sales Broker of FGI Yacht Group and Berkay Yılmaz, Commercial Director of Bilgin Yachts, playing a pivotal role in the transaction. The sale is a testament to the growing popularity of Bilgin Yachts' sophisticated vessels and highlights the company's continued success in delivering exceptional yachts to clients around the world.

“We are excited about the sale of the second unit of Bilgin 163, which is a reflection of the yacht's exceptional design and the superior quality of craftsmanship by our team,” said İsmail Şengün, CEO of Bilgin Yachts. “It is gratifying to see our ambitious project come to fruition and receive such positive feedback from our clients.”

On the other hand, Grzeszczak Jr.cannot hide his pride for the AME project which is planned to be delivered to the owner in May 2024. He says, “The level of professionalism and flexibility shown throughout the negotiation and design process has been nothing short of exceptional. I am confident to say that Bilgin was the perfect match for my client who required considerable flexibility and freedom to make changes to an already in-build project. Once the yacht is delivered, the owner will have opportunities to create unique memories with family and friends.”

Berkay Yılmaz, the Commercial Director of Bilgin Yachts describes the interior of Bilgin 163-II as modern, luxurious and elegant. He says, “Project AME is an evolution of Project Eternal Spark and M/Y Snow 5 (which was displayed at Monaco Yacht Show 2022 and successfully sold). She is going to be an another stunning yacht to float in the US waters for an experienced yacht owner. It was an exciting process to implement client’s lifestyle and experience with a perfect team of Hot Lab & FGI.” Yılmaz underlines the fact that the yacht has an abundant natural light which is a great source of warmth, comfort and health. He continues his words as follows: “The two most crucial elements for creating a refined and comfortable yacht are the colors utilized in her interior areas and the shapes incorporated into the architectural design.” This impressive yacht boasts exterior design and naval architecture by Unique Yacht Design and interior design by Hot Lab, making it as stylish and comfortable as its predecessors, Snow 5 and Starburst III. Emrecan Özgün, the founder of Unique Yacht Design, who was responsible for the meticulous work on the exterior areas of this model, emphasized that the Bilgin 163's larger exterior areas give it a sporty look, adding to the yacht's already impressive design. As a brandnew model, Bilgin 163 has gained significant attention in the superyacht industry. With 20% larger areas than 48-meter yachts, this vessel offers even more space for guests to enjoy.

Enrico Lumini, Partner and Head of Design in Hot Lab shares his thoughts by saying; “It is an honor and a confirmation of a strong relationship the one between Hot Lab and Bilgin Yacht and it has been a pleasure for me to work on such a beautiful vessel. Being the third unit of this model, we know the yacht in detail and we could develop even further some design ideas, making them perfect. I always say that our work is just a matter of incremental innovation, a matter of being able to do little things always a bit better than the previous time. The Bilgin 163-II is a perfect example of such thing.” According to Lumini, The Bilgin NB-82 is an elegant, timeless vessel, with a perfect combination of smooth surfaces and many materials which threat similar colours in different ways. She is a very well studied and welcoming yacht. The interior mood board is based on few natural colours which include the entire range of sand, cream, light grey and off-white elements. It is characterized by a modern look, rich in textures and reflective elements, which at the same time enlarge the space and give the real feeling of an ultra-high-end product. Complex, yet perfectly homogeneous it looks well-balanced, greatly designed and never ostentatious. Modern materials, such as 3D massive woods, metal-mesh laminated glasses, chromed stainless steel elements, rich carpets and fabrics directly coming from the rich Italian textile heritage create relaxing interiors in which every guest will really perceive the dedication and professionalism which the project was first of all designed with and then the skill which it was built with.

The Bilgin 163, a perfect mixture of design, craftmanship and attention to every detail, is equipped with twin 1,450 CAT engines, providing a top speed of around 16.5 knots at a low cost. With the successful sale of the second unit of the Bilgin 163, Bilgin Yachts continues to lead the way in the superyacht industry.


Hull configuration: Displacement
Hull material: Steel
S/Structure material: Aluminium
LOA: 49.95m
LWL at full load: 48.26m
Beam overall: 9.25m
Draught at full load: 2.60m
Displacement at full load: 495t (full load)
Gross tonnage: 499gt
Fuel capacity: 55,000lt
Water capacity: 11,000lt
Main engines: CAT C32
Engines power: 2x1,081 kW @ 2,150 RPM
Maximum speed: 16.5
Cruising speed: 12
Range at cruising speed at half load: app. 5,000 miles
Exterior Design: Unique Yacht Design
Naval Architect: Unique Yacht Design
Interior Design: Hot Lab
Builder: Bilgin Yachts